Aerial Yoga Hammock         

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What to Expect

Aerial Yoga Hammock is a new fun way to get fit and relax. If at anytime, you feel uncomfortable being upside down, return to standing slowly and simply take a break. I had to do this with my first class and it does get better the more you practice.

*Please arrive 15 minutes early to get measured for your height for your hammock.

*The fabric is made of a Tricot Nylon material and is a bit stretchy for comfort.  If the hammock pinches you in any way, a Yoga blanket is helpful.

*The Yoga Hammock is suspended from an steel I beam and clamp from a 12 foot ceiling. It is then attached with carabiners, daisy chains, and O rings.  It can be adjusted with the daisy chain (these are the same as rock climbing equipment).  The I beam clamp has a 2000 pound weight limit, the carabiner, daisy chains and O rings all have  a 1000 pound weight limit each and the Yoga Hammock has a 400 pound weight limit.  I think you're secure!

*Please remove your shoes upon entering. There is a storage area in the back for your belongings.

*Sign in prior to or upon arrival on the MINDBODY app.

*There are some parking in the spots directly in front of the studio up to the barrier of the Nail Salon and Chinese Restaurant  including a handicapped parking spot.  If there is no need for the handicapped spot during the class, it will be available for anyone to park. 

What to Bring and Wear

*You will need a Yoga mat, Yoga block and Yoga blanket, all provided. Feel free to bring your own. 

(There are a bunch of different other supplies you may be interested in such as a Yoga Towel for your mat, Yoga socks for your feet and such.  Bring what you'd like.)

*Wear form fitting fitness clothing as to not get twisted in the fabric.  Try not to wear the shiny slippery leggings as to not slide around.   

*Avoid strong perfumes and sprays, etc.

*Please use proper basic hygiene. Everything will stick to the fabric.

*Remove any jewelry to avoid it getting stuck in and tearing the fabric.  If you notice any snags or tears in the fabric, please notify staff, however it is checked daily.  

*Bring some water to hydrate.