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Classes Offered

Aerial Yoga Hammock Introduction ($10 per class)

Grounded Aerial Bungee classes using a bungee harness (COMING SOON!)

Private Classes ($25 per half hour, $40 per hour)

Parties and Groups (5 or more at the regular class rate)

Children's Classes (monthly)

Turbo Kick-Kickboxing Jam (COMING SOON!)

Special Needs (COMING SOON!) Also available upon request. 

Stress Reduction and Relaxation (COMING SOON!)

Massage Rolling ($5 per class)

Nutrition and Weight Management ($5 per class)

Zen Barre with Hammock ($10 per class)

Zen Barre ($7 per class) 

Zumba ($7 per class) and MORE!

Class bookings can go through the MINDBODY app. or by calling/text and pre-registration is required.

Classes will fill up and there are only 12 spots available for the Aerial Yoga classes, and 6 spots available for the Bungee classes.

Group Fitness classes have 25 spots and Lectures and Presentations have 40 spots.

Booking is on a first come, first served basis. There is a wait list in the event someone cancels (Someone almost always cancels).

Please contact us for private group bookings. Reserve a day and time for your group for Aerial Yoga Hammock Class! (Minimum of 5 people)

Class Schedule:

Monday 6:00pm Themed Aerial Yoga Hammock

Tuesday 6:00pm Themed Aerial Yoga Hammock

Wednesday 9:00am Strength, Stretch, Relax Aerial Yoga Hammock

Thursday 6:00 Intro/Beginner Aerial Yoga Hammock, 7:15pm Intro/Foundations

Friday 5:00pm Relaxation, 6:15pm Intro/Foundations

Saturday 9:00am Intro/Beginner Aerial Yoga Hammock, 10:15 Specialty Class-Call for details

Sunday 9:30am Stregth, Stretch, Relax Aerial Yoga Hammock

To schedule classes on the MINDBODY app:

Pre-registration is available through the MINDBODY app.

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