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It all started with a class.  I took an Aerial class after a long year of recuperation from a back injury.  I loved it insisting I MUST bring this to Schuylkill County!  I traveled around Eastern Pennsylvania to take different Aerial classes and opened a studio in Pottsville, the heart of Schuylkill County.  You will love it! It's so easy and FUN!

Aerial Yoga Hammock is a class using Yoga postures and poses with a hammock suspended from the ceiling as a Yoga prop.  Aerial Yoga Hammock focuses on balance, strengthening, stretching, coordination, breathing, body awareness, and fitness.  Classes can be done with the hammock close to the floor or higher in the air.  All levels of fitness (from NONE to extremely fit) can do Aerial classes.  It's so fun and you aren't even aware you are working out!  Bungee Classes use a harness suspended from the ceiling.  It focuses on strengthening, coordination, and fitness and is lots of FUN!