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About us

NOW OPEN for Aerial Yoga Hammock Classes! 

Schuylkill Aerial and Wellness is the FIRST fitness studio in Schuylkill County to offer Aerial Classes!  

Aerial fitness is a new and fun way to get fit, relax and feel great!  

Offering Aerial Yoga Hammock, Bungee Fitness, Turbo Kick, Children's, Private Lessons, PARTIES, Special Needs, Stress Management, Massage Rolling, 

and a variety of fitness and wellness classes.

Psychic and Spiritual Classes and Events.  

Sharon Klinger, Owner

I am so happy to offer Aerial Classes to Schuylkill County! I have a long history of being active, especially enjoying being in the air!  I love being upside down and it feels awesome on the body at any age.  All Aerial classes have an Introduction class to get used to using an Aerial Hammock. 

It's so easy and fun!  

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