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Welcome to the world of Aerial Yoga. Our Aerial Yoga Studio aims to make the practice of yoga approachable and joyful. We believe that integrating yoga into your week will improve your health and change your quality of life for the better. Want to find out more? 







Now offering Private and Group Massage Rolling, Floor Yoga and Speaking Events!

MON-Childrens’s Aerial  5:30pm (every other week) , Aerial Hammock Basics  7:00pm (every other week);

TUES-Floor Yoga with Jillian Warminsky 6:00pm ; Aerial Hammock Fitness 7:15pm

WED-Cardio Kickbox Jam 6:30pm; THURS-Zen Barre Aerial Hammock 7:00pm 

HMRfit Check schedule on Vagaro or Facebook.

SAT-Specialty Class-10:00am (check Facebook, below or call)

Spaces MUST be reserved for all classes.  Drop ins are welcome, however not guaranteed a spot. 

 Children’s Aerial and Special Events-Check Facebook and Vagaro for offerings

Psychic Events and classes with Kerri Lee Schultz, Available upon request, see Facebook and Vagaro

Booking for Private Classes and Parties tailored to your choice of class! 


Health Benefits of 

Aerial Hammock Fitness?

*Strengthens your Core and Muscles

*Increases Flexibility

*Improves your Posture

*Decompress your Neck and Spine *Soothe Joint Pain

*Improves your Balance

*Reduces Stress and Tension

*It's so Relaxing

*Reduce Muscle Pain

*Improves Blood Circulation

*Improves Focus and Brain Function

*It's Really FUN!

Health Benefits of 

 Massage Rolling and HMR fit

*Strengthens Muscles

*Increases Flexibility

*Soothe Joint Pain

*Improves Balance

*Reduces Stress and Muscle Tension

*Reduce Muscle Pain and Stiffness

*Improves Blood Circulation

*Decrease Fascia Pain

*Decrease Tension Headaches

*Warms Up Muscles

*Improves Muscle Mobility


YOU CAN DO Aerial Hammock- An Introductory Online Course 

Learn how to use the Aerial Hammock in just a few lessons with basic body positioning, and strengthening exercises to help you feel more confident going into your first Aerial Class RIGHT AT HOME! Aerial equipment not needed! After this course you will be ready to feel all of the benefits of Aerial Classes with Reducing Stress, increasing balance, strength and flexibility and just plain FUN! You’ll see how EASY it is! In NO time, you’ll be ready to hang upside down! But you don’t have to ;)


No Equipment needed.  Use a chair, table or stool.

If you think you can’t do Aerial Hammock but are curious, hesitant, skeptical and think you need to be fit, this course is for YOU! 

This is not Advanced Circus Arts-Just the absolute Basics!


Healthy Lifestyle and Self Improvement Plan

If you're looking to improve your health, both mind and body, this program is for you.  

You will learn to Breathe, Eat Well, Move, Be Optimistic, and Relax

to become the BEST you can and 

Live Your Best Life Today. 

More information on the next page….

Aerial Hammock Fitness Classes

‘Hang Out’ With Us this fun NEW way to Strengthen, Stretch, Reduce Stress, Relax  and challenge your balance using a hammock suspended from the ceiling! Your body and mind will feel so much better after this class using traditional Yoga poses, Pilates, Inversions (only if you want), and Relaxation in the hammock at the end the class.  

HMRfit Strengthen and Relax

A BRAND NEW way to strengthen, tone and relax your muscles using a WEIGHTED Massage Roller (that I developed) Heavy Metal Rollerz!  Just 8 of each exercises for warm up, standing seated, and ONLY 8 repetitions each!  Slow constant weighted  compound movements are the key to this workout.  Roll away tension, stress and pain to end class.

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Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of fitness classes including Floor Yoga, Turbo Kick  Kickbox Jam).  We are also trained in  Pi-Yo, Pilates, Toning, Barre(less), Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, Relaxation, Behavior Modification,  just to name a few!  Call to inquire. 

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 Group & Individual Private Classes

Reserve a private class for your group for Aerial Yoga Hammock, Fitness class or Presentation at the studio or at your facility!  This included a fun family activity, party or work group  meetings.  Classes include Partner Yoga, Aerial Tricks,  Relaxation or any of our classes. $12 per person for Aerial (max 12) $10 per person for other classes (max 18) . $75 minimum. 

*Please make sure that you add your phone number when you register

to get class updates in the event of cancellation or schedule changes.*

Please contact us for more information and inquiry.


200 East Norwegian St. (side/ part of Ryon Insurance Bldg)

Pottsville, PA  17901


(570) 573-5932

This is the best and fastest way to contact us.  You can call or text for immediate assistance. 

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